I’m the girl next door… The one your mother warned you about, but seeing as you’re a big boy now, I’m sure you’re capable of making your own naughty decisions.

Let me be one of them…

I’ve always been driven by my sexuality, a purring little sex kitten turned ferocious man, and woman, eating tigress through years of sexual exploration. Sexuality is often one of the most satisfying, driving, and ever evolving paths we experience in this lifetime, cum and explore yours with me. Live vicariously… until you’re brave enough to delve into the deep yourself, an act I highly encourage.

I’ve ever been addicted to porn, first watching it, and then living it… Exhibitionism to it’s fullest. Porn didn’t make me a pervert, I was born that way; I was drawn to it like a moth to the flame.

Once upon a time…

Scenes were production; now they are my reality. I will share with you all I do, from my bedroom to the stage.

The Sexual Savant Realized, cum play in my wicked garden. 



Age: 27
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Height: 5 foot even
Weight: 110 lbs
Heritage: French, Native American, Austrian
Measurements: 32-22-33
My Sign: Libra
My Pets: Ginger the Pomeranian
Piercings: Left nostril
Tattoos: Too many
Smoke: No


Beer or Wine: I don't drink
Blindfold or Handcuffs?: I’ll be doing the cuffing ‘round here
Boxers & Briefs?: ...Neither
Cash or Credit?: Cash is King
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
Coffee or Tea?: Coffee, and at that, ample amounts of it
Hard or Soft?: Hard
Love or Money?: Money can't buy passion and love to burn
Mac or PC?: I'm PC illiterate
Phone or in Person?: I never pick up my phone
Sour or Sweet?: My Dentist knows all about my sweet tooth
Hot or Cold ?: Ice cold
Car or Bike?: Gimme a German car or an American bike


Favorite Porn: Stuff that I make at home
Favorite Position: On top
Favorite Sex Toy: My boyfriend
Kinkiest Thing I've done: Probably shouldn't say...
My Fantasies: I try to live them everyday
Sexual Orientation: Free Floating
Turn-ons: Danger
Type of men I like: I need a man with a spine
Type of women I like: Soft ones


Actor / Actress: Bill Murry
Books: Those I may learn from
Can't Live Without: Coffee, cigarettes and sex
Car: German
Clothing Brands: Thrift
Drinks: Coffee
Fast Food / Restaurant: Those that cater to the gluten intolerant
Gadgets: My camera
Heroes: People who think for themselves
Holidays / Festival: Halloween
Never without: Coffee and cigarettes
IM Phrase: FML
Month/s: September
Movies: Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino
Musical Artist: Tool, Dylan, Manson to name a few
Pizza Toppings:  Artichoke and jalapeno
Places to Shop: Thrift
Quotes: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me" ~Ayn Rand
Restaurants: I'd rather cook
Season/s:  Autumn
Shoe Brands:  ... Pleaser
Snacks:  Nuts, nuts, and more nuts
Social:  Not very...
Sports Team/s:  New Orleans Saints
TV Shows: Television is largely a waste of time... I will not own one
Vacation Spots: French Quarter

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When is your favorite time of day to masterbate?

Sheena Shaw says...
Early in the morning

Who are your favorite porn directors and why?

Sheena Shaw says...
Those people from whom I can learn... Generally people I allow to shoot me, which are few and far apart. I'm picky...

Aloha sheena , i'm a huge fan of you and your friend Gabriella Paltrova . I love the way how you sweat in your scenes , thanks a lot for making me dream like that , without you , porn has no sense . Your Insane and i love that . Sorry for the bad english , I'm french . XoXo -Sic- ps: More sce

Sheena Shaw says...
I am a crazy lil thing. Always have been, always will be...

Are your scenes going to focus on solo masturbation and lesbian or are we also going to be treated to your wild side with DPs and DAPs?

Sheena Shaw says...
Hey there, I recognize this screen name... YES YES and more YES!!! Who better than to do them for than my fans (and for myself as well). It may take a while, but you can expect my most hardcore creations here... Where I'm the RingMaster with the rubber "O"

If laughter is the best medicine, who’s the best doctor?

Sheena Shaw says...
I love a sense of humor... Something dry However, I find I laugh most frequently at myself... I don't think it's wise to take myself too seriously. I am, after all, living a fantasy


The word LIVE is one of my favorite words. Makes me tingle. When someone is watching me I get even more excited. Sometimes I like it one-on-one, but other times I like that there are 10, or 20 or 30 peering eyes! Nothing is better than knowing you are stroking your cock or rubbing you wet pussy while I am playing with some new ass or putting all kinds of things in mine! I like creating my special scenes. But nothing beats us both getting off at the same time! Are you tingling yet? xoxo Sheena


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22 days ago

You're the complete package, Sheena !!!


2 months ago

So Sexy!!


2 months ago

Fun, amazing and talented - Sheena Shaw is a gem in the industry by actually being "into" her scenes!


3 months ago

So friggin Hot ! I do believe I have found my new Favorite.


4 months ago

bb i'm crazy for you


5 months ago

Definitely my favorite adult actress out there!


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5 months ago

Let that Fine ass bloom in your cutest blue jean shorts... let it bloom like an exotic flower!


5 months ago

I love you...


7 months ago

you're the best anal star around!


8 months ago

sheena...... your number 1! the best......


10 months ago

You are soo fucking sexy and good at what you do. my favorite porn actress ever! love Chris


10 months ago

Hello Sheena! You are simply stunning!

Expect more to come